Quick and Easy Baileys Brownies Recipe

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These brownies are something special. We take the shortcut of store-bought brownie mix but then gussy it up so the end result is anything but ordinary. We top these with a Baileys-laced chocolate fudge frosting that elevates these brownies and then some. The dense, creamy chewiness of these brownies will make you the hit of any party! These would also be a really fun St. Paddy’s Day dessert.

For the uninitiated, Baileys is essentially a mix of cream, cocoa, and whiskey, so yeah…it’s pretty incredible! If you’re not into the booze — no worries! You can totally leave it out. But we do think it adds a depth and flavor that is really noteworthy.

We love how quick and easy this recipe is by using boxed mix, but if you want to start from scratch, our Death By Chocolate Brownies will never let you down. Just be sure to double the fudge topping.

Quick and Easy Baileys Brownies Recipe - These brownies are something special. Give boxed brownie mix a major upgrade with this easy recipe for the best Bailey's brownies.

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